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Thank you for considering Fyrelocke for your upcoming review / show schedule

The following documents are currently available in the Media Kit. Watch this space for upcoming Press Releases and additional information to make your job easier!

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The following images are currently available in the Media Kit. These images are subject to the following limited use agreement:
You agree to use these images solely for the purposes of book reviews or book discussion in a manner consistent with a book review in a
magazine, newspaper, on the internet or a blog, television or radio show, or any similar media in which a book review would naturally be
distributed, or in the promotion thereof. These images may also be used for author appearances or to promote book sales for Fyrelocke.

Front Cover - Small
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Front Cover - Medium
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Front Cover - Large
803x1200 (447k)
Front Cover - Hi-Res
1870x2700 (1.62M)

Back Cover - Small
333x500 (118k)
Back Cover - Medium
533x800 (205k)
Back Cover - Large
800x1200 (208k)
Back Cover - Hi-Res
1800x2701 (1.23M)

3D Cover - Small
403x499 (74k)
3D Cover - Medium
646x801 (167k)
3D Cover - Large
968x1200 (326k)
3D Cover - Hi-Res
3635x4505 (6.85M)

Author Photo - Small
342x501 (106k)
Author Photo - Medium
500x732 (566k)
Moonpepper Press Logo
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Author Photo (Square) - Small
500x500 (132k)
Author Photo (Square) - Medium
800x800 (278k)
Author Photo (Square) - Large
1000x1000 (401k)

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